Calf rearing with Maxilac Milk Intelligence

Publicatiedatum: 19-09-2015

Maxilac Milk Intelligence is the philosophy with which we develop our milk powders combined with the advice which we provide to dairy farmers to help them achieve the best results with these products.

The Maxilac Milk Intelligence Programme is based on our past successful business practices combined with the latest knowledge, innovations, and materials. The interconnectivity of all the processes in the animal are the driving force for Milk Intelligence. This has resulted in three business-specific rearing strategies for calves and one unique strategy, tailor-made especially for you. These are all focused on the maximum optimization of the genetic potential of the calf within your specific business circumstances.

In this way, we help you with our knowledge and products to create the perfect transition from calf to cow. This will help you establish a solid foundation for your dairy farm.


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