About Klaremelk

Klaremelk is a versatile and well international oriented family business, with decades of specialized knowledge and knowhow in young animal nutrition. This extensive knowledge and practical experience of the past and today in combination with a unique selection of ingredients, advanced production processes are the foundation of our milk intelligence program.


Fit for future

As company we are intensive and active international involved in animal husbandry. This broad view on the chains of production of dairy, meat and nutrition helps us constantly to improve and develop. Sharpen the saw, always ready and Fit For Future. Our focus areas include:

  • Production of nutrition for young animals
  • Veal calves and rosé beef
  • Rearing calves
  • Lamb nutrition (goat and sheep)
  • Piglets
  • Veal meat production at own and contracted farms
  • National and international delivery of nutrition for young animals
  • National and international purchase and sale calves
  • Intensive guidance and counselling services with regard to nutrition and rearing of young animals
  • Continuous research and development in the field of nutrition and market developments


Purchase and sale of calves

Klaremelk manages the purchase and sale of calves itself. The calves, which are selected according to grade, sex and weight, are all put together in the arrival centre. The calves are then delivered to contracted stalls. Or they are sold and delivered to buyers in the independent sector, both white and rosé veal calves.