Fast, flexible and quality in customization

Leo Hulter, owner of Kalfssupport.
His company advises dairy farmers on the rearing of calves.

“For us, the calf is central. When rearing, we primarily look at what the calf needs. When Kalfsupport started, I started looking for a good and reliable supplier of milk replacers and feed. That is how I came into contact with Klaremelk.

We have now been working together for over 10 years and we are the exclusive supplier for all Klaremelk dairy products in the Netherlands. As organizations we fit well together. Both family businesses with flat organizations and very short lines. We often advise specific compositions per customer, which is why it is nice that we can switch quickly with Klaremelk. This allows us to guarantee a very high level of quality and service to our customers.

By bundling our knowledge and experience, we can work well together on innovative solutions. We are, so to speak the ‘feelers in the market’ for Klaremelk. We identify the needs of livestock farmers and together with Klaremelk we develop suitable solutions. All this together makes the combination of Klaremelk and Kalfssupport unique in the market. Fast, flexible and always high quality!”


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