We offer high-quality and suitable milk replacers for calves, piglets and lambs. Our Milk Intelligence Program forms the basis for our milk replacers. This allows us to make maximum use of the genetic potential of the young animals, of course with full attention to animal welfare.


We offer high-quality compound feed for calves, which is perfectly matched to our milk replacers. This enables us to supply a complete feed package and an optimal feed ration for calves.


We produce high-quality and tasty veal. This takes place at our own and contracted farms, where we apply farm management and guide veal farmers. As a result, there is a lot of cooperation in the chain and we support the veal farmers in all aspects.


We trade in calves of all ages and breeds, both nationally and internationally. We manage the calf trade entirely in-house. The calves are collected at the collection centre and selected by class, sex and weight. The calves are delivered to our own and contracted stables. The calves are also sold and delivered to buyers in the private sector, both white and rosé veal calves.

We work...

…with responsible, sustainable raw materials. Together with advanced production techniques, this forms the basis of constant top quality products. Guaranteed by the ‘Klarenbeek quality system’.

…in our stables with the ‘Smart stable meter’ to further optimize the climate in the stables.

…together with all our traders with the ‘Calf tracking system’, whereby the transport between dairy farmer and collection center or veal farmer must be registered.

This contributes to the quality of young calves by improving the baby calf quality (NUKA) and reducing the mortality rate and antibiotic use.

…participated in the ‘Low-emission Feed’ research to reduce the environmental impact of livestock farming.

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