We are there for you when you need us!

Henk Klarenbeek, CEO of Klaremelk.
Henk is the second generation active in the family business.


“We notice that in these hectic times, customers need suppliers they can always rely on. As an organization, we do everything we can to be such a party. Every day again. We don’t see customers as a number, but just want to be there when they need us. And we also get that as feedback from our customers. Because we are a family business with very short lines of communication, we can answer questions from our customers as quickly and adequately as possible. In addition, we try to be very flexible in our product range. We supply specific compositions, in smaller quantities, tailored to the wishes of our customers. We really immerse ourselves in our customers and that is why we often need half a word to understand them. I think that is appreciated.”


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